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The Importance of Estradiol for Body Weight Regulation in Women


Len Blackwell, In Memoriam


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A Simple and Improved Predictor of Insulin Resistance Extracted From the Oral Glucose Tolerance Test: The I0*G60

Author: Contreras P.H., Salgado A.M., Bernal Y.A., Vigil P. (2019) …

FEMM Solved My Debilitating Postpartum Depression

“The FEMM medical providers listened to me, believed my symptoms(!), …

Usefulness of Monitoring Fertility from Menarche [Journal of Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology, 19(3), 173–179]

By: Vigil, P., Ceric, F., Cortés, M. E., & Klaus, …

Ovulation – A Sign of Health

Culturally, tan, thin, airbrushed women are often held up as …

FEMM White Paper

The Case for FEMM White Paper By Meghan Grizzle Fischer …

Steroid Hormones and Their Action in Women’s Brains: The Importance of Hormonal Balance

By:  Del Río J.P., Alliende M.I., Molina N., Serrano F.G., …

How Can You Avoid Pregnancy, Naturally?

If you’re in search of a natural alternative to contraception, …

Why Wait? Take Charge of Your Health

“I highly recommend this to any woman, in any state …

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