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The Sperm Journey from the Cervix to the Site of Fertilization; a Predetermined Encounter [Imago Homini 24: 71-82]

Author: Vigil P., Valdés-Undurraga I., Del Río J.P., and Serrano …

Ovulation A Sign Of Health™: Understanding Reproductive Health In A New Way

By: Pilar Vigil MD, PhD, FACOG, Contributors: Juan Pablo del …

Modulation of Spermatozoon Acrosome Reaction [Biological Research, 44, 151–159]

By: Vigil, P., Orellana, R. F., & Cortés, M. E. …

This Study Will Make You Rethink the Pill

Ah yes, the ever-famous pill. Love it, hate it. Everyone …

Association of Hormonal Contraception with Depression

In general, most people know and accept the following facts: …

Why the FEMM App Can Help You Get Pregnant Faster, Naturally!

Tired of waiting on positively-frustrating pregnancy test results? Looking to …

Influence of Sex Steroid Hormones on the Adolescent Brain and Behavior: An Update [The Linacre Quarterly, 83(3), 308-329]

By: Pilar Vigil, Juan Pablo del Río, Ba ́rbara Carrera, …

The Number 1 Form of Self-Care for Women

For the past years, Self-Care has become a major buzz …

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