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Did you know that the science of hormones is relevant to your everyday health and happiness? That’s because hormones impact every system and organ of your body. Learn to understand and monitor hormonal activity naturally, by identifying and tracking your hormonal biomarkers.

Symptoms like acne, pain, anxiety, depression, cycle irregularity, migraines or PMS are often symptoms of hormonal imbalance. The FEMM App can help you make sense of these symptoms and how they’re linked to the complexity of your hormones.

How do I get started?

Get personalized daily feedback about your cycle. It’s like having an endocrinologist on call (hormones! science! help!) – for free.

Our app makes it easy to track your body’s biomarkers each day. With daily insights, your physical and emotional health is at your fingertips.

Have questions? Need support? Check out our online or in-person classes with a certified FEMM teacher.

Choose the goal that meets your needs

(and change it as your needs change over time!)

Track your health

Learn what a healthy cycle looks like and get the support you need if you detect symptoms or imbalances.

Avoid pregnancy

Understand your fertility and learn how to work with your body to avoid or postpone pregnancy.

Achieve pregnancy

Understand your fertile days and learn how to work with your body to achieve your pregnancy goal.

Track Your Health

The FEMM App helps you understand your reproductive health in all its physical and emotional complexity.

It’s each woman’s right to understand the link between her hormones and health. Acne, anxiety, depression, mood swings, migraines, pain and PMS are all linked to hormones. Identify your body’s biomarkers to know and care for your body.

“This app is amazing! I am a cross country college athlete and the FEMM app has helped me both in and out of season with tracking my period. Highly recommend!”
Bridget K.
FEMM app user

Avoid Pregnancy

Trying to avoid pregnancy? Your fertility doesn’t have to be a mystery. FEMM makes it easy to identify your days of fertility and infertility each month. 

So, if you’re tired of shouldering the burden of contraception, you’re not alone. Women choose FEMM because they don’t like the side effects of hormonal contraception. Or they don’t want artificial hormones. Or it goes against their religion or cultural values.

The good news is that knowledge-based cervical mucus methods are as effective as the pill. And, all methods are 100% effective during infertile times of a woman’s cycle.
i.e., Only knowledge-based methods take cyclical fertility into account.

FEMM makes it easy to care for your health and fertility.

“Taking control of our bodies is a glorious thing. I love that I have learned so much about my body and don’t feel reliant upon artificial hormones to prevent pregnancy.”
Stephanie O.
FEMM app user

Achieve Pregnancy

Looking to achieve pregnancy? Having trouble getting or staying pregnant?

FEMM can help.

You can use the App to identify hormonal, ovulatory*, and health patterns. Through the App, you can connect with a certified FEMM teacher or a FEMM Medical Professional. Achieve your health and fertility goals, faster and in a healthy way**, with FEMM.

*Ovulation is a sign of health because it tells you that over a dozen hormones are at work in your body. Brilliant, right?

**A new 2019 study shows that tracking your cycle can help you get pregnant up to 72% faster.

“Fantastic app. The FEMM app helped me to conceive at the time I wanted and helped me manage my health. Its collection of data down to the level of mood swings has been a great help, especially when I perceived something was going wrong with my health. I highly recommend it.”
Nkiruka S.
FEMM app user

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