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Self-identification of the Clinical Fertile Window and the Ovulation Period [Fertility & Sterility, 103(5), 1319–1325]

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By: Ecochard, R., Duterque, O., Leiva, R., Bouchard, T., & Vigil, P. (2015)



The self-identification of the biological fertile window by the observation of any type of cervical mucus provides 100% sensitivity but poor specificity, yielding a clinical fertile window of 11 days. However, the identification of the biological fertile window by peak mucus (defined as clear, slippery, or stretchy mucus related to estrogen) yielded 96% sensitivity and improved specificity. The appearance of the peak mucus preceded the biological fertile window in less than 10% of the cycles. Likewise, this type of mucus identified the ovulation window with 88% sensitivity.


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