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Meet FEMM’s First African Educator!

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Sister Juliet, MD is studying to become a certified FEMM teacher. When she finishes her training, she’ll be the first FEMM educator in Africa. 

Dr. Juliet is completing her third year of an Obstetrics and Gynecology residency program at the Catholic University of Health and Allied Sciences in Mwanza, Tanzania. Prior to residency, she worked at Moi Referral Hospital in her home country of Kenya.

Dr. Juliet first learned about FEMM from Dr. Danielle Koestner, who visited Tanzania in 2022. Dr. Juliet was deeply impressed by FEMM’s science-backed, evidence-based approach to women’s health. Now she uses FEMM medical protocols in her own practice with great results. 


“FEMM interested me when I started using it myself and I was able to treat some pathologies even without medication,” she says. “When I started treating patients with subfertility, they became pregnant in less than three months. This amazed me.”

Last year, Dr. Juliet saw over 300 patients, and almost all are currently ovulating. More than 65 became pregnant in a year. Dr. Juliet says that much of this success came from teaching women how to understand their reproductive cycle and manage hormonal issues like hyperprolactinemia. She recently worked with several of her colleagues publish a new Case Report in the East African Scholars Journal of Medicine and Surgery on one such patient. 

Although Dr. Juliet is already successfully treating women using FEMM protocols, she is taking the teacher certification course to be able to even better serve her patients. She wants every woman to understand her own health and fertility. “Teaching women about FEMM helps them to be masters of their own bodies,” she says. “They become doctors of their own. Knowledge about the menstrual cycle should be the first thing each girl is taught after her first period or even before her first period.” 

We’re excited to see Dr. Juliet bring FEMM to more women in new corners of the globe!

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