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Fertility Awareness Method Classes by FEMM Empower Spanish-Speakers

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FEMM Brings Fertility Awareness Classes to Global Audiences

Over half a billion people in the world speak Spanish as their first language.

Thanks to your support, FEMM is reaching more corners of the globe this fall with our new FEMM teacher certification in Spanish. Women from Chile, Costa Rica, Mexico, and the United States have already signed up for training.

Leading the fertility awareness course is FEMM instructor Claudia Toribio Cruz. Claudia believes FEMM’s Spanish course fills a deep need.

Every woman—regardless of language—should have the chance to understand and care for her health and fertility. This new course will help more people do that.

“I know there are many women out there who would make amazing FEMM teachers and do incredible good to their communities by sharing this education,” she explains.


How Claudia Discovered FEMM Fertility Awareness Method Classes

Claudia first discovered FEMM while learning how to manage her own cycle. Our services stood out to Claudia for two reasons:

Claudia wanted to equip more of her peers to be women’s health experts and advocates. She became a certified FEMM instructor and is now delighted to be leading the Spanish teacher training course.

“My favorite part of being a FEMM teacher is seeing how women begin to bridge their uncertainties regarding their cycles as we go through the course,” Claudia says. “I love knowing that by the time we finish the sessions, one less woman in the world will be at the mercy of a lack of health education when the time comes to seek out healthcare or manage her fertility.”


How do FEMM Fertility Awareness Classes Work?

During the 9-week online course, Claudia’s students are learning to:

  • Recognize healthy biomarkers at various stages of a woman’s reproductive life
  • Identify abnormal cycles and symptoms—and receive a referral to a FEMM doctor for diagnosis and treatment
  • Work with women to help them achieve their fertility goals
  • Help women use the FEMM app to build a health record and receive personalized daily feedback about their health goals

“The fact that we now have the FEMM training course in Spanish means we have an even broader chance of expanding this very important health education in the Spanish-speaking community. The training was available before for bilingual teachers, but now we can also reach women with great potential in Spanish-speaking communities.”


Your support made this new course possible. Thank you for equipping more FEMM teachers around the world!

Learn about and register for our teacher courses here.

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