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How to Get Pregnant Faster and Naturally

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The FEMM App Will Help you Get Pregnant and Understand Your Overall Health

Tired of waiting on positively-frustrating pregnancy test results?

Looking to get pregnant faster, naturally?

We’ve got good news for you. Studies show that over 72% of women and couples get pregnant faster by charting and identifying their fertile signs.

Knowing when you’re ovulating (hormonal surge!) is key. Timing is everything!

So how do you know when you’re ovulating? When is this ‘fertile’ window open? Luckily, you can swap out those tears of frustration for tears of joy, with the user-friendly FEMM App.

3 Ways the FEMM App can Help You Get Pregnant

How to get pregnant doesn’t need to be a messy, confusing, or frustrating process. The FEMM app makes it clear with its sleek design and daily feedback.

1. Simply select the goal, “Achieve Pregnancy” to begin tracking your fertility cycle.

2. Estrogen rising is a big clue that you’ll be ovulating soon. Cervical fluid production will increase and appear slippery, clear, and abundant – the perfect condition for sperm to survive.

3. The FEMM app marks fertile days with the color dark blue. The last dark blue day in your cycle is your peak day because it is the point where estrogen is highest. This period of time is recorded as a series of dark blue days, otherwise known as your fertile window.  Dark blue days are the best time to have intercourse.

Ovulation happens within the three days before or after your peak day. This is why charting your fertility with FEMM makes it easy to get pregnant faster, naturally!

All it takes is a few seconds each day to enter your observations. You can even turn on phone notifications to get a daily reminder!

1-on-1 Support to Help You Get Pregnant

For most, nothing beats 1-on-1 personal consultations with an expert. FEMM offers the individualized attention you need to achieve your goal.

FEMM is a tool to help you chart and achieve pregnancy. Start charting today by downloading the FEMM app and see what all the talk is about. Free for both iOS and Android.

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