Influence of Sex Steroid Hormones on the Adolescent Brain and Behavior: An Update [The Linacre Quarterly, 83(3), 308-329]

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By: Pilar Vigil, Juan Pablo del Río, Ba ́rbara Carrera, Florencia C. Aranguiz, Hernán Rioseco & Manuel E. Cortés (2016)



The effect of steroid hormones on the development of the adolescent brain, and therefore, on adolescent behavior, is noticeable. This review presents their main activational and organizational effects. During the transition from puberty to adolescence, organizational phenomena triggered by steroids structurally affect the remodeling of brain circuits. Later in adulthood, these changes will be reflected in behavioral responses to such hormones. Adolescence can then be seen as a fundamental “organizational window” during which sex steroids and other hormones and com- pounds play relevant roles. The understanding of the relationship between adolescent behavior and the way hormones influence brain development help understand some psychological disorders.


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