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The Sperm Journey from the Cervix to the Site of Fertilization; a Predetermined Encounter [Imago Homini 24: 71-82]

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Author: Vigil P., Valdés-Undurraga I., Del Río J.P., and Serrano F.G. (2017)



Sperm interact with various microenvironments, generating conditions for sperm capacitation and acrosome reaction in the right place and time. Such events are highly synchronized to ensure fertilization. This review describes and analyzes the various changes sperm experience during transport through the female genital tract: the infuence of cervical, endometrial and oviductal secretions, interaction with the epithelium, and hormonal effects on sperm. Molecules in the microenvironments with which sperm interact include hormones, neurotransmitters, and other metabolites. Physiological events of gamete membrane fusion should be considered by basic and ap- plied researchers working in reproductive biology


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