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"I highly recommend this to any woman,
in any state of life"

After years of masking my symptoms with birth control pills, FEMM teachers and the FEMM tracking system have helped me to look into the root causes of my symptoms and find long-term healing. I have found so much freedom in understanding my body and its needs. 

So many people told me that I did not need to worry about these issues until I was married or trying to get pregnant, but I wanted to learn about how my body worked and address hormonal imbalances before then. FEMM has set me on the path to find long-lasting solutions instead of quick fixes that do not actually address the problem. 

Not only has FEMM helped me to address my struggles with acne and irregular cycles, it has also allowed me to see my body and my cycle as a gift instead of a curse. I am so grateful to have found a program that treats the whole person. I would highly recommend this to any woman in any state of life. 

Brigid Hoagland

FEMM App User

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