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Tracking Your Period: Avoid Pregnancy, Naturally

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A Period Tracker that Helps you Understand your Body

If you’re in search of a natural alternative to contraception, this one’s for you: Start to Chart. 

Sparking this trend is a lot of research and debate. Some women argue that the pill treats women’s bodies as a problem, for not being like men’s bodies. Alarmingly, other research links changes in the brain and depression to hormonal contraceptives use.

So, what’s a safe, empowering choice?

How do I Not Get Pregnant Naturally?

Fertility education is like the underrated smart girl in your friend group. She may not be as flashy as the others, but given a chance, she might impress you. Knowledge is power, and getting to know her is life-changing.

By downloading the free FEMM App, you can easily identify the days when you’re fertile each cycle.

Did you know that the average woman is only fertile 3-6 days in a month? This is called the fertile window.

How does FEMM’s Period Tracker Work?

When women ovulate, their estrogen rises, causing cervical fluid to increase. Yes, those times of the month when you start sensing slippery, clear, or abundant fluid are signs that you’re ovulating soon!

Keeping those days in check is what FEMM is all about. The FEMM app charts your most fertile days with the color dark blue. When preventing pregnancy, it’s important not to have intercourse during that time.

Of course, accurate results call for accurate charts. Turn on notifications on your FEMM app to get reminders to update your daily cycle observations. It takes less than a minute each day.

An App that Matches your Goals!

Download the free app on your iOS or Android device to get started today.

A natural, hormone-free, side-effect free method to avoid pregnancy is right at your fingertips.

FEMM also offers classes where you can learn more and meet other women using fertility education methods.

The FEMM App is the reason more and more women are seeking fertility awareness-based reproductive health methods.

Looking for more one-on-one attention? Check out our individual support and telehealth to get the support you need.

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