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An Ovarian Cyst, Infertility, and Life-changing Treatment

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Ovarian Cysts can Cause Infertility and Worse

Meet FEMM medical provider James Tuljus, PA-C!

James realized the effectiveness of the science behind FEMM when our protocols quickly helped to correct issues that were making it difficult for him and his wife to conceive.

After a year of struggling with infertility, James and his wife, Miranda, consulted with an OB/Gyn.

An ultrasound revealed that Miranda had a sizable ovarian cyst. The cyst was the size of her uterus and there was risk that she might lose the ovary.

In fact, the cyst was so large that even if Miranda had conceived, she probably would have lost the baby.

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Finding the Cause of the Ovarian Cyst

After getting the cyst removed, Miranda went for a FEMM evaluation with Dr. Danielle Koestner, a family doctor and FEMM-trained medical provider.

James, his wife, Miranda, and their two children. Miranda had an ovarian cyst that caused infertility for over a year, until FEMM treated the root cause.

Using FEMM protocols, Dr. Koestner was able to identify and treat the underlying health issue that caused Miranda’s cyst.

Two months later, Miranda was pregnant. Today, James and Miranda are the parents of a three-year-old son, a one-year-old daughter, and another baby who’s on the way!

“I credit the FEMM protocols and the skillful care we have received by FEMM providers to our healthy children,” James says.

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Becoming a FEMM-Trained Medical Provider

Inspired by his family’s experience, James decided to get trained in FEMM protocols himself.

A graduate of Grand Valley State University’s PA Program, James had experience treating people’s chronic and acute conditions working in Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine.

“Dr. Koestner has been a wonderful mentor,” James explains. “She introduced me to FEMM.”

FEMM’s medical training better equipped James to diagnose and treat women’s underlying symptoms and conditions, like those that caused his wife’s ovarian cyst, with the aim of restoring health and ensuring hormonal balance.

After his training, James joined FEMM’s growing group of telehealth medical providers. “I joined the FEMM Health platform in early 2023 because I see the importance of providing a restorative approach to reproductive health care,” he says.

James is passionate about providing personalized care using cutting edge, evidence-based medicine, and enjoys helping other women benefit from FEMM just as Miranda did.

He notes that many women are provided with very limited solutions for reproductive health issues—but FEMM gives them more and better options.

FEMM protocols are in depth, and they uncover the underlying process behind the symptoms people are experiencing,” James explains. “It is incredibly rewarding giving patients treatment that restores their body’s function rather than covers up symptoms with synthetic hormones. I am grateful I have the opportunity to spend time with my patients, to listen to their stories, and provide meaningful help.”

Your support changes the lives of families like James’ and Miranda’s. Thank you for all you do to help women achieve their reproductive health goals!

FEMM Staff Writer, October 2023

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