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Fertility Awareness Methods Change Women’s Health for the Better

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Why This Nurse Chose Fertility Awareness Methods

Women should be in awe of their bodies, and they can be with a fertility awareness method.

Women’s health was the driving force behind my decision to go to nursing school. Personally, I had always struggled with painful cycles due to endometriosis, and I didn’t want to keep hearing: “it’s just a part of being a woman.”

I was briefly introduced to fertility awareness methods while in nursing school, but thought that the methods I was exposed to were missing something critical. I was looking for something that was evidenced-based, that ALL women could use, from puberty through menopause, something that could actually improve health outcomes for women.

Fertility awareness starts with the FEMM app.

“Whether I’m working with a teenager suffering from acne, or a woman in her mid-30s who wants to track her cycle for health and fertility, FEMM is the healthcare she deserves.”

Fertility Awareness As Taught by FEMM

A few years later, a friend introduced me to FEMM, knowing that it was exactly what I had been looking for. I was ecstatic to become a FEMM teacher and to educate myself and other women about ovulation, which is one of the most powerful ways to gauge holistic health. And the rest is history.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out FEMM courses.

For the past four years, I’ve taught women and medical professionals across the United States–and the most popular response to FEMM has been, “wow, I didn’t know this existed!”

Why Become a FEMM Teacher?

By becoming a FEMM teacher and using the FEMM approach, I have been able to help women. Whether they want to manage their symptoms, improve their mental health, avoid or achieve pregnancy at the time that they need, even after long periods of infertility, FEMM has helped me provide women with the medical care they deserve.

Have you thought about becoming a FEMM teacher and helping other women learn a fertility awareness method?

Holistic Hormonal Health is what Overcomes Symptoms

I’ve seen that many women are in awe of the intimate relationship between physical and mental health symptoms and their hormones. It’s incredible to help women understand their cycle pattern over time and support them in seeking the treatment they need.

The knowledge is truly transformative! FEMM has given me the education, science and tools to empower women to know their body and to achieve optimal health. Whether I’m working with a teenager  suffering from acne or a woman in her mid-30s who wants to track her cycle for health and fertility, FEMM is the healthcare she deserves.

Find a FEMM teacher with our directory! 

Celine Kinneberg, RN

FEMM Teacher

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