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Kassandra Blanton

I became a nurse to help people heal in their own recovery process but after years of experience in the acute care setting, I quickly

Ally Russell

Simply put, I wish more uterus-embodied folks were taught more in depth about their bodies. Between hands on bodywork as an LMT, and certifications in

Nolan Gleich

Hi there! ? My name is Nolan Gleich. I’m a graphic designer with a passion for fertility awareness education. After a few years of being

Amy Koczur

Amy is a wife and mother who loves to read. She believes that every woman deserves to understand how her body works and experience the

Fallyn Maleski

I guide and educate women on how to deeply connect to their bodies through cyclical and holistic practices.

Mary Sutarik

Hello! So glad that you have discovered FEMM. As a FEMM teacher, I’m excited to share with you the truth, beauty and goodness of your

Ashlee Zillmer

I am a fertility awareness educator based in Milwaukee, WI. My passion lies in giving all women the tools to track ovulation to achieve all

Marie Zweber

My name is Marie, and I have been studying FEMM for years. I worked with two different women’s health and social services centers/clinics during my


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