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Kathryn Marriott

Hi there! I am a FEMM/TeenFEMM certified instructor offering one-on-one and group coaching for women desiring to understand their natural cycles. I would love to

Felicia Enoch

Felicia Enoch is a Registered Nurse, with over eight years of experience in the women’s health field. Her focus is the reproductive years and supporting

Kathryn Morris

Katie Morris is a board certified Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner who works with women throughout the life span to optimize their health and hormones. FEMM

AnnaJane Ulrich

I’m AnnaJane – a nurse, certified FEMM and teenFEMM teacher, military spouse, and momma of two! I love the privilege of teaching women about their

Jeanette Bailey

I began my journey into FAM 7 years ago after the birth of my first child. I dove into learning on my own, I read

Georgia Schmitz

Georgia Schmitz is a Registered Nurse, FEMM and teen FEMM certified educator, certified FertilityCare practitioner, as well as Director of the Fertility Education & Support

Adriana Helster

I am a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Registered Nurse, Fertility Educator, Shamanic Usui Reiki Master, Trauma-Informed Somatic Dance & Womb Embodiment Practitioner. Through Sunrise

Maria Hicks

Hi, I’m Maria. I have over eight years experience working with NFP and FAM. The Marquette Method and FEMM have been my primary exposure to

Julia Zevallos

I am so excited to be a certified FEMM teacher! I have a passion for teaching women about the in’s and out’s of their cycles


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