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Carolyn Haggerty

I have used FEMM to achieve my own fertility goals and to become more knowledgeable about my own body. I look forward to sharing this

Kathleen De Rego

FEMM is a fantastic resource for helping each woman understand her body, and I look forward to sharing this invaluable information with women in the

Michelle Rueda

Hi! I’m Michelle, a Nutritionist and certified Postpartum Doula specializing in Peri-Natal Nutrition. I’m passionate about empowering individuals to understand their bodies so they can

Kallah Oakes

As a 35 year old woman who first became a mother at 22, I am passionate about helping women feel supported and accompanied through their

Lori Boyne

I believe FEMM should be available to all women in all stages of fertility. I am here to help you on your journey and put

Krista King Larbi

I’m an integrative dietitian and fertility awareness educator helping you experience pain-free periods, symptomless cycles, and optimal fertility, naturally. I help you reconnect with your

Mariana Villa

My goal is to empower myself and other women to become the main advocates of their health. As a FEMM teacher I can help bring

MacKenzie Gravitt

Hello! I’m MacKenzie, I’m a registered nurse, and I live in Tennessee with my husband and twin boys. I have a personal history of PCOS

Valerie Cruz Ortiz

Valerie is a certified Medical Laboratory Scientist, Graduate student, and now FEMM educator! She is passionate about teaching other young adults and teenagers about body

Carolyn Astrup

I have been an RN since 2018 and an FNP since 2024. My background is in pediatrics and adolescent medicine, and I am very passionate

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