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Veronica Leach

Veronica Leach is a data analyst in Washington, DC, and specializes in research on natural methods of family planning. She began advocating for FEMM as

Vicky Chehade

After years of dealing with burn out, frustrating periods, and symptoms of hormonal imbalance, I decided to continue my education in order to fix these

Victoria Feltner

Thanks for looking at my profile! I have a history working as a family medicine physician assistant with a huge interest in women’s health. I

Virginia Venegas

Virginia Venegas is a pharmacist by profession, who currently works for a medical supply company. In her free time, she works with couples, teaching natural

Zainab Alradhi

Zainab Alradhi grew up lacking body literacy, which makes her that much more passionate about making Fertility Awareness a reality for women all over the

Tamara Marsh

Tamara Marsh, NDTR is a senior health science student at the University of North Florida (UNF). She has earned her associates of science in nutrition

Tami Rieland

I am a Registered nurse with over 30 years experience in teaching Prenatal classes, breast feeding classes, labor and delivery and post partum care. I

Tara Zettel

Tara Zettel has been a registered nurse for over 20 years, with almost ten years’ experience in sexual health and wellness clinics. She is the


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