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Carolyn Astrup

I have been an RN since 2018 and an FNP since 2024. My background is in pediatrics and adolescent medicine, and I am very passionate

Zahava Rose

Zahava is a Menstrual Cycle and Reproductive Health teacher from New York with an MA in Education. She founded The Rose School to weave together

Kathleen Maloney

Hi, my name is Kate! I am a FeMM and Teen FeMM fertility instructor! I believe in the wholeness and wellness of the female body,

Shauna Bjornson

Hey I’m Shauna! I teach womb holders how to track their cycle, avoid or achieve pregnancy naturally, and foster a deep relationship to their womb.

Marie Steskal

Hello and welcome! I offer one-on-one classes both in person and online. I am taking new clients and would love to discuss your fertility intentions.

Melayna Alicea

Melayna Alicea is a wife and mother of three boys. She is excited to help women understand the full beauty of their femininity and become

Katie Collins

I have been practicing NFP in my marriage for 15 years, successfully. I am passionate about women’s health, and look forward to helping you.

Aeja DeKuiper

Hello! My name is Aeja. I am a FEMM and TeenFEMM Fertility Awareness teacher, a Wilderness First Responder and currently getting a BA in Liberal

Juli Schneider

As a FEMM teacher and Fiat Hormone Coach, I am passionate about giving women the education they deserve to understand their unique feminine design! I

Genevieve Cooper

I have had a passion for learning and teaching about natural family planning via FEMM and Theology of the Body since college. For two years,

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