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Lauren Herzing

As a runner, skier, and hiker- I have always had a passion for health, wellness, and all things natural and organic. After years of struggles

Courtney Stoppel

Kansas City-based Fertility Awareness Method (FAM) Educator and yoga instructor. Online course and private coaching coming Fall 2023! Follow me on Instagram at flow.with.courtney for

Sharon Colvin

Hello- My name is Sharon Colvin. I have a passion for working with women as they learn about their own unique bodies, cycles, and health.

Space Welch

Space Welch is a wife, mom, and is passionate about helping women along on their journey to understand the inner-workings of their body, and to

Lindsey Krapfl

Lindsey lives with her husband and 4 children in Eastern Iowa. She had a passion for sharing the beauty of fertility awareness with women and

Jessica Hagan

Jes is an Integrative Menstrual Health Coach specializing in PMS & PMDD symptom reduction & management. She offers educational resources, one-to-one support, & functional lab

Leanne Jarvis

Leanne is passionate about filling the gap in today’s women’s health care system. She believes every woman should be empowered with understanding of her hormones

Aly Barreto

Aly Barreto is a FEMM and teenFEMM certified practitioner located in Florida. After personally struggling with her own cycle pain and hormonal imbalances, she discovered

Leslie Pinson

Leslie is an Aerospace Engineer turned Fertility Awareness Educator. Her interest in fertility began when she met her husband, Joseph, and they decided not to

Erika Guynes

Helping women regulate their cycles, reduce PMS symptoms, and naturally avoid or achieve pregnancy through nutrition, lifestyle, and cycle charting.


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