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How to Not Get Pregnant: My Plan After Lupus Diagnosis

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How to Not Get Pregnant Because of Lupus

I was diagnosed with Lupus after the birth of my second child. For me, this meant that a future pregnancy could have had life-threatening complications. My husband and I were devastated, and we knew we had to decide how to manage my health and fertility going forward.

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“…a future pregnancy could have had life-threatening complications. FEMM helped me.” 

Lupus and Birth Control

Contraception pills and implants would make my health worse, since my body couldn’t tolerate the hormones. At the same time, the drugs I was taking to manage my Lupus made tracking my cycle incredibly confusing.

FEMM Helped Me Avoid Pregnancy for Five Years

After trying multiple methods, I found and learned FEMM. The detailed instruction I received, with the help of a FEMM teacher, allowed me to understand my cycle and identify fertile and infertile days. No other method gave me the confidence and knowledge to do this.

A Better App to Chart Your Menstrual Cycle

FEMM has helped me to improve my health and avoid pregnancy with confidence for over five years. I am so grateful.

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