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FEMM Solved My Debilitating Postpartum Depression

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Signs of Postpartum Depression

After the birth of my child, my cycle wasn’t returning to normal. After nine months I still didn’t have a fertile pattern, and my cycle length was longer and longer.

I suffered from increased fatigue and foggy memory, as well as postpartum depression. The debilitating depression made it hard for me to enjoy my baby. The FEMM App kept telling me my cycle length was out of the normal range and that I should see a FEMM doctor to receive care.

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Frustrated, I spoke to my regular Ob/Gyn. She suggested a new holistic testing option; I was to take saliva samples each day, at the same time, for a whole month. These were to be stored in my fridge at home and then brought for analysis to the lab.

The process was cumbersome to say the least (it turns out I was their first patient to actually complete the full round) but I was eager for answers. It also cost almost $5,000, which I only later learned wasn’t covered by insurance.

“The FEMM medical providers listened to me, believed my symptoms(!), and restored my health and fertility.”

Failing to Find the Root Cause

When the hormone values finally came back, the results showed a hormonal imbalance, but not precisely which one. My doctor had no way to get a clear diagnosis and could not help me with my depression.

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Since my FEMM App continued to remind me that my symptoms were not fine, I made an appointment with the nearest FEMM provider.

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FEMM Treats Depression by Treating Hormonal Imbalances

FEMM doctors ordered blood level samples (all on the same day of my cycle) and gave me my results within a week. The results indicated a need for medical care, and I was prescribed low-dose medication that gave me no side effects.

Hormones are key to women’s health yet are often overlooked or ignored. 

Within weeks I could see my cycle beginning to correct itself and my health improving. Within three months, my cycle was normal and healthy. The postpartum depression was gone; my husband noticed and said it felt like I was back.

The FEMM medical providers listened to me, believed my symptoms (!), and restored my health and fertility. I was able to successfully conceive on the second cycle after my health was restored, and I am now the proud Mom of a beautiful daughter.

I am forever grateful.


Mother, FEMM app user

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