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Valerie Cruz Ortiz

Valerie is a certified Medical Laboratory Scientist, Graduate student, and now FEMM educator! She is passionate about teaching other young adults and teenagers about body

Genevieve Cooper

I have had a passion for learning and teaching about natural family planning via FEMM and Theology of the Body since college. For two years,

Danielle Lalande

Hello! I’m Danielle and I became interested in fertility awareness over 9 years ago after having a bad experience with hormonal birth control. I was

Mariah Riley

My goal is to empower women to achieve hormonal health & fertility, naturally. This is not a ‘skip to the recipe’ approach, but one that

Camila Michelle Soria

My name is Camila, I’m 30 years old and a recent mom. I discovered my passion for hormones and women´s reproductive health when I was

Rachel Kosar

I received my FEMM certification in 2022 and look forward to serving women in my area and the larger FEMM community. Female fertility is beautiful

Margaret Youngblood

Raised on both sides of the Ring of Fire, Margaret‘s international upbringing in Alaska and Indonesia came full circle during her undergraduate years in California

Natalie Boruk

Natalie focuses on a holistic approach to cycle tracking and helping clients understand their chart and hormones. She teaches you how to understand your fertility

Tamara Marsh

Tamara Marsh, NDTR is a senior health science student at the University of North Florida (UNF). She has earned her associates of science in nutrition

Veronica Lange

Veronica Lange is a data analyst in Washington, DC, and specializes in research on natural methods of family planning. She began advocating for FEMM as

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