Region: PA

Adriana Helster

I am a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Registered Nurse, Fertility Educator, Shamanic Usui Reiki Master, Trauma-Informed Somatic Dance & Womb Embodiment Practitioner. Through Sunrise

Ellora Pollard

Dr. Ellora Pollard is a female health educator who is passionate about empowering women to make informed health decisions. IG: Dr.Ellora and @LadyTimeLearning Email:

Fallyn Maleski

I guide and educate women on how to deeply connect to their bodies through cyclical and holistic practices.

Lauren Herzing

As a runner, skier, and hiker- I have always had a passion for health, wellness, and all things natural and organic. After years of struggles

Kara Paronish

I believe that all women should feel empowered in their bodies and have an all around understanding of how it works. My mission is to

Kathleen Chovanes

Kathleen has been practicing fertility awareness for over 10 years and decided the knowledge she has gained of her own body was too important not

Kourtney Rider

I have been interested in reproductive health since childhood and am so deeply passionate about helping educate anyone and everyone who will listen! My personal

Rachel Fortenbaugh

I am native to Pennsylvania, I currently live in a small town with my husband, son and our rescue puppy, Baxter. Fertility awareness became a

Mary Nordahl

Visit to start your unique path in charting your cycle! Or visit @fertilityawareness.path on instagram to learn more

Maria Phelps

As a mother of four and fertility awareness educator, I love to walk with women of all ages through life’s transitions and to help them


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