Region: Canada

Tarina Mosley

Tarina Mosley will be completing her Bachelor of Midwifery Degree in Canada in just a few short months. Other prior education includes a Bachelor of

Ulrika Drevniok

Ulrika is a Registered Nurse with Certified Practice in British Columbia, Canada. She is passionate about empowering women to have excellent body literacy through charting.

Vanessa Oly

Vanessa is a nutritionist, fertility awareness method instructor and functional health coach. Her work centers around women’s health, menstrual cycle tracking and regulation, hormonal healing,

Nathalie Daudet

I am a social worker and certified Fertility Awareness Educator (FEMM) based in Winnipeg, Canada. I discovered fertility awareness after searching high and low for

Lexi Durant

Lexi Durant is a dance teacher, a future Neuromovement practitioner, and a passionate advocate for women’s health. She wants to make FEMM into a household

Kimberly Abud

Kim Abud is an RN from Victoria, BC. She has spent the majority of her career working to provide healthcare to women, and has been

Jennifer Pynn

Jennifer Pynn is passionate about helping women improve their health through self-awareness practices. She has experience providing food and lifestyle-based protocols used to naturally restore

Janice Green

Janice Green’s pronouns are she/her. Janice is an inclusive and holistically minded fertility awareness educator based on beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Janice believes that


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