Region: Canada

Jessica Price

Meet Jessica Price. I am your Holistic Nutritionist for Womens Health. I work with women who want to build a deeper relationship with their body

Kailee Sawatzky

I am a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and certified Fertility Awareness Educator (FEMM). I help women to reclaim their fertility through nourishing and understanding their bodies

Karine Dreger

Karine specializes in the first 12 months of your trying to conceive journey. She wants to reduce every woman’s number of heartbreaking negative pregnancy tests

Alexandra Sibiga

Hello and welcome! I am a registered midwife whose love for serving women in pregnancy and childbirth grew into fertility education. As a midwife I

Ashley Baronette

Welcome! I’m a certified Fertility Awareness Educator (FEMM). I discovered fertility awareness through my personal struggles coming off of hormonal contraceptives. I was truly blown

Ulrika Drevniok

Ulrika is a Registered Nurse with Certified Practice in British Columbia, Canada. She is passionate about empowering women to have excellent body literacy through charting.

Vanessa Oly

Vanessa is a nutritionist, fertility awareness method instructor and functional health coach. Her work centers around women’s health, menstrual cycle tracking and regulation, hormonal healing,

Nathalie Daudet

I am a social worker and certified Fertility Awareness Educator (FEMM) based in Winnipeg, Canada. I discovered fertility awareness after searching high and low for

Janice Green

Janice Green’s pronouns are she/her. Janice is an inclusive and holistically minded fertility awareness educator based on beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Janice believes that

Elisabeth Angus

Founder of Elisabeth Angus- Source Wellness, an Integrative nurse coaching practice based in Manitoba, Canada. Elisabeth is a Registered Nurse, FEMM and teenFEMM health educator

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