Region: Germany

Britta Wiebe

Britta Wiebe is the co-founder of Vulvani, a digital education platform about menstruation, cycle health and sexuality. Her vision is to empower menstruators to make

Rena Föhr

I am a feminist menstrual cycle expert with years experience in fertility awareness methods. Besides my FEMM teacher certification, I am also a certified trainer

Katharina Dinzen

Expert for menstrual cycle health and fertility awareness and founder of Ovulista Instagram: @ovulista_ YouTube: Ovulista

Johanna Griesel

It is my passion to facilitate women’s education around their reproductive health and birth control so they can make informed choices and take their health

Benedicta Loë

Seeing so many women who experience unpleasant symptoms and who do not know what is happening in their body, I wished to be a help


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