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Rachel Garcia

Rachel is a FAM Educator, Certified Health Coach and Certified Hormone Coach. Her goal is to help women ditch PMS and manage their fertility without

Madeline Balser

Madeline is an MPH candidate at California State University Northridge. She is passionate about empowering folks with cycles through reproductive and hormonal health education.

Karen Rose

After struggling with painful periods and being unable to find any solutions, I learned how to chart my cycle, which finally led me down a

Girasol Hernandez

Girasol Hernandez, based in El Monte, California, is passionate about educating women of all ages about their hormonal and reproductive health.

Hannah Zingale

Hannah Zinagle has been an RN since 2000, and has a variety of experience in the medical field. She was trained in limited sonography in

Erica Carnohan

Erica Carnohan is a Southern California native who strives to help women understand and appreciate the natural beauty of their bodies. At the age of

Dana Piper Adams

Dana Adams, RN, has practiced nursing for 16 years. Dana has worked as a bedside nurse, clinical mentor, preceptor, and is now a registered nurse

Debbie Bradel

Debbie has been a Women’s Health Nurse for 15 years. A graduate of University of Arizona, Debbie had personally used a FABM in her own


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