Karen Rose
Karen Rose

Karen Rose

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After struggling with painful periods and being unable to find any solutions, I learned how to chart my cycle, which finally led me down a path to healing. Working with an instructor to chart my cycle led me to a doctor who diagnosed me with endometriosis and PCOS. From there, I was able to focus my effort on healing in the right areas and improving my hormonal health. Through medical intervention that thoroughly understands a woman’s reproductive health combined with the knowledge I had gained regarding my cycle health, I now have far less painful periods and am much healthier overall! More recently, I struggled with infertility for a bit but was able to conceive my beautiful daughter without the use of any fertility drugs, all because I had the knowledge I needed about my reproductive health and was able to improve my hormones and get pregnant naturally.

My own experiences have led me to found Inspira Care, a company on a mission to provide high-quality women’s healthcare and empower women with knowledge about their reproductive health. We are excited to help other women understand their bodies and hormonal health through education and charting their cycles. Let us guide you on your reproductive health journey!

Website – https://inspira.care
Facebook – @inspiracare
Instagram – @inspira.care

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