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FEMM Telemed is an affordable and convenient way to access medical care. Get treatment for a range of symptoms and conditions from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Our FEMM trained doctors are happy to work with you to diagnose and treat your underlying conditions and restore your health. Symptoms that indicate a hormonal imbalance include:

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Dr. Danielle Koestner, DO is a family medicine DO with expertise in reproductive health care, women’s health, and fertility. A fellow of the RHRI, Dr. Koestner is trained in the FEMM and RHRI protocols for the management of women’s health. Dr. Koestner offers telehealth services in a variety of US States.

Licensed states: Arizona, Connecticut, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming

Dr. Lindsay Rerko, DO is a family medicine DO with experience in reproductive health care, women’s health management, and labor and delivery. A Fellow of the RHRI, Dr. Rerko is trained in the FEMM and RHRI protocols for the diagnosis and treatment of women’s health. Dr. Rerko offers telehealth and in-person health care services and appointments in Ohio.

Licensed states: Indiana, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania

Dr. Karen Poehailos is a family medicine MD with experience in reproductive health care and women’s health management. A Fellow of the RHRI, Dr. Poehailos is trained in the FEMM and RHRI protocols for the diagnosis and treatment of women’s health. Dr. Poehailos offers telehealth visits.

Licensed states: District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia

Julie Baltz, MHS, PA-C offers over 25 years of internal medicine experience with all age groups.  Welcoming consultations with restorative endocrinology to improve and restore health to the body’s natural functioning. We love to work as a team with your current primary provider or OB/GYN.  Following evidence based guidelines of the Reproductive Health Institute, Julie can help you understand your physiology. With additional education in exercise physiology, she can also help advance sports training in athletic performance based on understanding hormonal health.

Licensed states: Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, Ohio, Tennessee

Cynthia DeKuiper, CNP is a FEMM medical provider based in Twin Lake, MI, USA.

Licensed states: Idaho, Michigan, Montana, Tennessee, Wyoming

Maureen McCarthy, CNP is a Family Nurse Practitioner with expertise in endocrinology, reproductive health care, men’s and women’s health, and fertility. She recently completed a 16 month medical fellowship in Women’s Reproductive Health. Maureen is trained in FEMM and RHRI protocols, and offers telehealth services in a variety of US States.

Licensed states: Alabama, Colorado, Georgia, Maryland

Sarah Yskes, CNP is a family medicine nurse practitioner with expertise in reproductive health care, women’s health, and preventive health care in both men and women. Sarah is trained in the FEMM and RHRI protocols for the management of reproductive health.

Licensed states: Michigan

Craig Turczynski, PhD is a reproductive physiologist. Previously practicing as an embryologist and andrologist in the IVF field, he sought training in restorative reproductive medicine including the Billings Ovulation Method, FEMM and NeoFertility. He partners with other FEMM providers and offers assistance with the evaluation and treatment of male infertility. Only male patients seeking semen analysis & male infertility evaluation. All patients are self-pay.

Common Telemed Questions:

Telemed or Telehealth allows you to have a consultation with a medical provider by phone or video chat. You need to have a strong phone or video connection for your Telemed appointment. Medical care, consultation, and support can be provided through telehealth just like a normal in-person visit. If your provider needs to see you for a physical exam, they will let you know during the consultation.

A certified FEMM teacher can work with you online so that you can learn about your health and cycles. FEMM charting is important because it provides you with insight into how your body works, and allows you to identify if your symptoms or charting pattern require medical support.

FEMM can also link you to a FEMM trained clinician, in order to allow you to receive a full health assessment. Assessments typically  include a review of your charting information, health history, an order for lab tests, the possible need for a physical consultation, and ongoing telehealth care. If your provider is able to offer you a diagnosis, they can also prescribe you medication or other pharmacological treatments.

Anyone is eligible for a FEMM Telemed consultation. Your provider will meet you virtually, and if any in-person session is required, will meet with you for an in-person consultation. 

If you have insurance or Medicaid in the United States, your telehealth consultation will likely be covered. 

If you do not have insurance or Medicaid (or if you are outside the United States), the cost per consultation is $199.

Financial assistance for those consultations is available based on need.

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