Manuela Varela Garay
Manuela Varela Garay

Manuela Varela Garay

Language: Spanish
Languages: Spanish

Manuela Varela Garay has been an instructor of Yoga and a health practitioner since 2004. She is also a professor at FEMM, a comprehensive women’s health and wellness program for reproductive health.

Manuela is currently offering Online classes on the natural family planning method of FEMM (Proven to be highly effective in either avoiding or achieving pregnancy for women (and couples) who want to become more bodily aware and self-pace their fertility.

Learn with Manuela:
Instagram: @hermagica

Manuela is founder of Método Sintotérmico Colombia (Sympto-Thermal Method Colombia) Created in 2020, during the pandemic, Método Sintotérmico Colombia is an spanish Online forum that provides knowledge and practices of the STM in Colombia and Latin America.

Through STMC, Manuela offers accessible ways to learn fertility awareness with free guides and activities in the Facebook group, consulting sessions of chart reviews for those who wish to be self-taught; and “coffee chats” for conversation and to answer general questions regarding fertility and cycles.

To learn more about this initiative, go to:
Facebook group: @MetodoSintotermico.Colombia

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