AnnaJane Ulrich, RN
AnnaJane Ulrich

AnnaJane Ulrich

United States

I’m AnnaJane – a nurse, certified FEMM and teenFEMM teacher, military spouse, and momma of two! I love the privilege of teaching women about their beautiful bodies, guiding them to live in tune with their natural cycles, and helping them become more integrated and healthier versions of themselves. As a former youth ministry coordinator, I also have a passion for inspiring teens and believe that equipping them with knowledge of their bodies early on will lead to a lifetime of improved health outcomes. My own challenging health and fertility awareness journey has made me realize how vital it is to have a trustworthy guide and friend along the way. Working with me means not just getting professional expertise, but having a companion on your journey who cares deeply about you and will help you navigate the joys, frustrations, and questions long after our last session. Reach out any time- I can’t wait to hear from you!

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