Region: Spain

Alva López

Experta en métodos de observación de la fertilidad por la escuela FEMM y experta en lactancia materna.

Flor Insausti

FEMM Certified Teacher IIN Certified Health Coach Flor is passionate about empowering women through the knowledge of their menstrual cycle, for avoiding or achieving pregnancy,

Virian Trigo

Tained herbalist and nutritional coach. Instagram: @fem.ancestral Website:

Sara Carmen Barreto Ramos

Certified midwife with a holistic approach to all the physiological processes of the woman’s body. Currently working as a community midwife with wide experience in

Krystal Somlai Kurton

Krystal Somlai Kirton is a FEMM teacher who believes that healthy periods and vibrant fertility are your birthright. Find more information on services available on

Amanda Franco Ortiga

Health Coach and Plant-based chef, specialize in Cyclical Eating. Feminine Retreat organizer. Find more at, @amanda.ortiga on IG and Amanda The Green Fuel on


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