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Sharon Colvin

Hello- My name is Sharon Colvin. I have a passion for working with women as they learn about their own unique bodies, cycles, and health.

Space Welch

Space Welch is a wife, mom, and is passionate about helping women along on their journey to understand the inner-workings of their body, and to

TiAnna Lescalleet

TiAnna Lescalleet is a certified FEMM educator passionate about teaching women and teen girls about their bodies, instructing them on their natural reproductive endocrinology and

Tere Frost

Tere Frost lives with her family in a small college town in Ohio. Her background is in psychology and education. For the past 12 years

Sheri Tharp

Sheri Tharp has been in the nursing field since 2006 and most recently in 2012 earned her Master of Science Degree in Nursing coupled with

Sunni Burnett

In her twenties, Sunni Burnett earned an Associate Degree in Nursing and went to work directly in critical care after graduation. During the next 18

Rhonda Campbell

A Registered Nurse with 35+ years of experience providing care to individuals across the lifespan, including perinatal high risk, labor & delivery, post partum, newborn

Liliana Cote de Bejarano

Liliana Cote de Bejarano is a wife and mother of 3 children. She currently resides in Dayton, Ohio, and is a home educator. Liliana graduated

Laura Ginikos

Laura Ginikos is a fertility awareness and natural family planning instructor devoted to providing comprehensive reproductive health education to menstruating women. Instagram: @fertilityawarenessfirst

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