Region: North Carolina

Virginia Venegas

Virginia Venegas is a pharmacist by profession, who currently works for a medical supply company. In her free time, she works with couples, teaching natural

Taryn DeLong

Taryn Oesch DeLong lives in Raleigh, NC with her family. A freelance editor and writer, she is also a fertility awareness instructor passionate about empowering

Mary Eileen Schricker

I am a retired pediatrician, come full circle, interested now in fertility PRIOR to the birth of the baby! Such an honor to be involved

Kerry Auld

Kerry Auld is proud to help women heal and reconnect with their bodies through cycle education and mindset coaching. She teaches women how to track

Joan Pajak

Certified in Adult and Teen FEMM, Marquette, Standard DDays and 2 Day Methods. Our Services

Joanna Bragiel

Visit to learn about charting for health, wholistic contraception, and how to achieve your family planning dreams.

Elizabeth Harris

Elizabeth Harris is a mother, doula, nurse, and she has a passion for empowering women and families through her life-affirming work. Her business website can

Delphi Marie

Delphi is a Women’s Wellness Coach & Therapist, devoted mother, folk herbalist and founder of Rosehips & Ritual, a women-centered resource that weaves ritual and

Arin Fambro

I am a functional female nutritionist (FNTP) and FEMM instructor working with women dealing with hormone, period, and gut health issues such as endometriosis, period


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