Region: Netherlands

Magda Canarias

Hi there! My name is Magda, originally from Portugal but currently living in The Netherlands. My FAM journey started in 2019 when I decided to

Odette Bakker

Discovering the Fertility Awareness Method, after being on birth control for 13 years, has allowed me to understand my body more deeply and know which

Nadia Huber

I am helping you to connect to your cycle, to use it as a superpower. Understanding the meaning of your biomarkers, you will be able

Marlot de Jong

Marlot de Jong teaches in English and Dutch. She is passionate to teach women how beautiful their cycles work, to help them understand their cycles

Hana Ilg

Hana Ilg is originally from San Francisco, California, but two years ago, she and her husband decided to go on an adventure and move to

Eefke Smit

I am excited to help you understand and see the beauty of your cycle. I teach in both English and Dutch, follow me on instagram

Elise Buiter

My name is Elise and I can teach you FEMM to help you understand your cycle. I can teach in Dutch and English. I invite

Fernanda Abraham

Recuperando el conocimiento sobre nuestros cuerpos y fertilidad que nos pertenece. Alcanzando la verdadera liberación sexual con el empoderamiento y conocimiento. Reconocer los biomarcadores que

Edith Kofler

I am a certified FEMM teacher based in Amsterdam, NL. Learning about the fertility awareness method has been a complete game changer for me. I


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