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Krista King Larbi

I’m an integrative dietitian and fertility awareness educator helping you experience pain-free periods, symptomless cycles, and optimal fertility, naturally. I help you reconnect with your

Aeja DeKuiper

Hello! My name is Aeja. I am a FEMM and TeenFEMM Fertility Awareness teacher, a Wilderness First Responder and currently getting a BA in Liberal

Georgia Schmitz

Georgia Schmitz is a Registered Nurse, FEMM and teen FEMM certified educator, certified FertilityCare practitioner, as well as Director of the Fertility Education & Support

Morgan Drew

I’m Morgan Drew, founder of Cycle by Design Co and it is a privilege of mine to empower women with Fertility Awareness Method education. My

Amy Koczur

Amy is a wife and mother who loves to read. She believes that every woman deserves to understand how her body works and experience the

Mary Sutarik

Hello! So glad that you have discovered FEMM. As a FEMM teacher, I’m excited to share with you the truth, beauty and goodness of your

Beth Mersino

Beth Mersino is a Certified Youth Mentor, Life Coach and FEMM Health Educator. For more than 15 years, she has worked with teen, youth, and

Hallie E Gonzalez

Hallie Gonzalez is a Certified Nurse Midwife, with a Masters of Science in Nursing from the University of Michigan. She has experience as a midwife

Zainab Alradhi

Zainab Alradhi grew up lacking body literacy, which makes her that much more passionate about making Fertility Awareness a reality for women all over the

Sarah Yskes

Sarah Yskes is a family nurse practitioner with Holy Family Healthcare ( She enjoys seeing patients of all ages and has special training with FEMM

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