Region: Hungary

Virág Emese Gergely

Virág Emese Gergely currently resides in Hungary. She is a piano teacher as well as a FEMM teacher and is the mother of two lovely

Zoltán Kovács Dr.

specialist in obstetrics and gynecology Femm Medical Management Provider I like hiking with my 3 sons

Zsófia Bärnkopf

As a health visitor she has experiences in health care, especially in women’s and children’s health. The youth’s health education is her main project. She

Zsuzsa Surányi

I am committed to make possible for women to understand their bodies and make information-based decision regarding reproductive health. My goal is to share the

Zsuzsanna Király

Working in schools, help teenagers and young people to find their own and unique way towards adulthood. Help them to realize they are valueable and

Zsuzsanna Varga

Integrative and functional medicine, women’s health, body literacy

Susanna Bergs

Director of Pregnancy Counseling Center, Budapest since 2001. Founder of Shout for Life Association. My husband, Ed Bergs is the president of S4L.


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