Region: Budapest

Eszter Munkácsi

I’m an educator in Hungary, teaching women about their bodies. I’m passionate to help women know everything about their physical and sexual health. My socials

Tekla Diriczi

Holistic coach for women, women’s yoga teacher, FEMM instructor instagram: @diriczitekla Facebook: @diriczitekla

Zsuzsa Surányi

I am committed to make possible for women to understand their bodies and make information-based decision regarding reproductive health. My goal is to share the

Judit Folly-Paszterkó

Judit Folly-Paszterkó is a certified FEMM trainer, with a BSC in Economics and an MA in Community and Civil Studies. Judit is thrilled to help

Csilla M.dr.Dulácska

FEMM and Sensiplan Teacher, MFM-Project (Cycle-Show) Trainer in Hungary. Mental Health Expert and Focusing Trainer, working primarly with women, mothers and teens. Her main focus

Agnes Jokay

Clinical research associate with 8 years of experience in healthcare research. My mission is to empower women to become their own health advocates. Now it’s

Ágnes Ilona Kovács

Ágnes Ilona Kovacs is based in Budapest, Hungary and is excited about working with women to promote their holistic health. Find more information at


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