Region: Australia

Sarah Honey

Sarah Honey is an expert in women’s hormonal health, leveraging her BA in Nutrition and Human Health with a focus on biochemistry to delve into

Amanda Allwright

Amanda has been a qualified teacher since 2011. While teaching Health Education, she found a passion for Holistic Health and advocating for a preventative approach

Stefanie Krause

Hi there, I’m Stef 🙂 I’m a Registered Nurse with a passion for Women’s Health and guiding women back to their most natural, fertile self.

Melony Angus

Melony is a keen advocate of fertility awareness and body literacy. She has been practicing cycle charting as way to avoid pregnancy naturally and monitor

Liz Burton

Liz has a background in Biomedical Science and is passionate about providing people with reproductive education so that they can make informed, empowered decisions about

Hannah Fenner

I’m Hannah, a certified FAM educator, body literacy warrior and incredibly proud mum and wife. ⁠I’m passionate about empowering women to understand their body’s unique

Jaime Lauren

Jaime Lauren is a Fertility Awareness Method Teacher as well as a Menstrual Coach and Womb Yoga Teacher. She educates women how to read their


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