Location: United States

Amanda Naramore

Amanda Naramore is a certified women’s health nurse practitioner with 17 years of experience. She specializes in the restorative reproductive method of infertility. She sees

Janelle Wanzek

I am passionate about providing healthcare information to all! I believe fertility awareness/restorative reproductive medicine holds the key to many health issues and everyone should

Carter Duncan

FEMM is filling a huge gap in medical care today. As a FEMM provider I feel well equipped to care for women’s health, find answers

Erin Luna

I work in a Federally Qualified Health Center (Peak Vista Community Health Centers), so any new patient does need to enroll to be seen as

James Tuljus, PA-C

James Tuljus, PA-C provides restorative reproductive health care for men and women and is trained in FEMM and RHRI protocols. James realized the effectiveness of

Victoria Feltner

Cutler health center currently only sees patients associated with the University of Maine.

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