FEMM Video Library

Welcome to the FEMM video library!

FEMM aims to educate women about their bodies and help them achieve their health goals.¬†These short videos will give a brief overview of what FEMM has to offer. If you’re interested to learn more, consider joining a full FEMM course with a FEMM-accredited¬†teacher.

These videos require that you enter a password. You should have received this password via email. If you are having difficulty accessing these videos, please email support@femmhealth.org.


Session 1: Introduction to FEMM

This video is about what FEMM is, what FEMM has to offer, and how FEMM can help you achieve your health and fertility goals.


Session 2: Hormones and Ovulation

This video talks about the different hormones that are involved in your cycle. It also discusses the idea of ovulation as a sign of health.


Session 3: Estrogen and Progesterone

This video goes into more detail about the role of estrogen and progesterone in your body as well as the importance of having balanced levels of each at correct times in your cycle.


Session 4: Your Cycle

This video discusses the different parts of your reproductive cycle.


Session 5: Charting Basics

This video discusses the basics of charting your cycles.


Session 6: Medical Management

This video gives an overview of FEMM’s philosophy of care. It also talks briefly about the protocols that FEMM trained doctors use to treat their patients.


Session 7: FEMM Family Planning

This video will teach you how to achieve or avoid pregnancy using FEMM’s charting method.