FEMM Medical Management

Medical professionals who undergo the FEMM Medical Management training receive the most up-to-date protocols for the management of women’s health.

FEMM collaborates with the Reproductive Health Research Institute (RHRI), which has developed groundbreaking protocols. RHRI continues to conduct women’s health research, which FEMM uses to provide the most current and effective treatment.

The 3-day course covers:

  • Review and assessment of patient cases discussed by returning RHRI certified physicians
  • In-depth examination of reproductive physiology and endocrinology
  • Overview of RHRI diagnostic & treatment protocols
  • Patient case study models

Following the course Participants are:

  • Provided with RHRI’s protocols for the management of ovarian dysfunction, menopause and infertility.
  • Enrolled as RHRI Fellows and receive ongoing support and information from FEMM and RHRI.

Recipients of FEMM Medical Management training have the option to participate in all FEMM Medical Management courses within two years of their initial training.

To maintain RHRI Fellow status, healthcare providers are required to participate in a Medical Management course every two years, in order to receive updates on research and advances.


Upcoming Courses

Hotel Rubin, Budapest, Hungary | April 24-26, 2020 | Teacher: Pilar Vigil, BMed, MD, PhD, FACOG



This course has been cancelled due to precautions regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19). For further inquiries, please contact us at femm@femmhealth.org 

Franciscan University, Steubenville, Ohio | June 5-7, 2020 | Teacher: Pilar Vigil, BMed, MD, PhD, FACOG

FEE: $1500 USD


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Hampton Inn
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Holiday Inn | Cost: $115.00/night
•  The hotel is 10 minutes away from the Franciscan University campus
•  Breakfast is included
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