Dr. Pilar Vigil Lecture Series

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Ovulation as a Sign of Health

This webinar will explore the physiology of ovulation as a sign of health, and introduce the patterns of the cycle that indicate healthy and abnormal health patterns. It will introduce ovulation as a critical health biomarker for women, and a powerful diagnostic indicator for clinicians.


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The Ovarian Continuum
This webinar will introduce the Ovarian continuum as a powerful concept to understanding women’s health. Participants will learn about the continuum, the signs and activities of each part of the continuum, and will see those cycle abnormalities emerge when continuum events happen outside of their normal order.


3 of 3 | Online | Available for Review

Cycle Patterns
This webinar will discuss cycle patterns and their critical role in understanding health and fertility. Patterns types are influenced by age, reproductive phase, and lifestyle factors (diet, exercise, sleep). Physiological changes and variability also complicate underlying patterns, but make overall pattern identification a critical health and clinical skill.
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