teenFEMM Class (On-demand)

teenFEMM is a knowledge-based health program for young women that teaches
them to understand and monitor hormonal and other indicators of their health.

Our 5-week course will cover:


1. Your Body and Your Health
• Learn basic female anatomy and physiology, and the role of hormones in a healthy body.

2. Charting Health and Hormones
• Know what a healthy cycle looks like and what is normal for your age.
• Chart your hormonal activity by observing and charting different biomarkers.
• Charting helps us manage our own health.

3. Puberty and Your Healthy Cycle
• Understand the changes of puberty.
• Learn to identify a healthy cycle.

4. Female & Male: The Beginning of Life
Understand and respect others and make good choices regarding relationships.
• The basics of male reproductive anatomy & physiology.
• How a new life is created.
• Hormones and attraction.

5. Brain, Emotions & Lifestyle and Healthy Habits for a Healthy Body
• Understand how hormones impact our emotions and how to handle these new feelings.
• Hormones also influence our brains and emotions.
• Healthy habits are important for a healthy body and healthy body image.
• Healthy habits can impact development in puberty.
• A healthy lifestyle supports your hormones & development.


Age: 13-18 years old
Duration: 45 mins per session
Number of Sessions: 5



Course Details


Common Questions:

Lecture-based Coursework (first 10 weeks of course)
• 8 weekly quizzes
• 3 Practice Charting Homework Assignments

Practice Teaching (Begins on Week 5 of the course)
• Practice Teach 3-5 clients
• Individually teach each client the 3 FEMM Sessions
• Work closely with each client for 4-6 months, in order for them to achieve a minimum of 3 full cycles of charting
• Complete Practice Teaching Reporting (3 Session Reports) for 1 client
• After the completion of Practice Teaching Sessions, submit a
• Final Chart Assessment for all 3 clients

You must complete the lecture and quiz portion of the course (10 weeks) and the practice teaching aspect in order to be eligible for the Final Exam.
Once you pass the Final Exam you would be certified as a FEMM Teacher.

All Exams and teaching materials are included in the price.


While the lectures and quizzes are only 10 weeks long, the practice teaching of the aspect of the course along with the final exam typically takes 6-9 months to complete.

FEMM allows certification within 1 year of the start date of the course.


Yes, students are responsible for finding their own clients to teach during certification (and following).


The live portion of the FEMM Teacher Training course is a 90-minute session given live on Tuesday evenings in USA Eastern Standard time zone, over 10 weeks. However, the sessions are recorded and the video will be provided so that you can watch at any time during the week.


As a FEMM Teacher, you will be equipped to teach women in your community and online. FEMM does not commit to providing clients to our teachers, however, after certification you will be added to FEMM’s Teacher Directory and clients may be able to search your profile.

Some teachers set up their own health/fertility coaching practice, others work jointly with clinics or health centers to provide the education there, and some work solely in NFP circles.


FEMM Teacher Training Courses are only offered in English at this time.
While the language barrier could be a concern, we have participation from many for whom English is a second language.

All quizzes, course work, practice teaching reports, and chart assessments have to be completed in English. At this time we are only able to provide Spanish language materials for teachers to use with their clients but the course certification itself is entirely in English.


As a FEMM Teacher you will be trained to identify hormonal imbalances in the cycle, such as noting estrogen imbalances or low progesterone, however, since layperson’s are not equipped to make medical diagnosis’ we do not train our FEMM Teachers to identify or diagnose specific reproductive disorders such as PCOS or endometriosis. Specific reproductive disorders and cycle patterns is something that is covered in the Medical Management Training course. FEMM teachers are equipped to work with clients to identify abnormalities in their cycle, and refer to trained FEMM medical providers.


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