teenFEMM Class

teenFEMM is a knowledge-based health program for young women that teaches
them to understand and monitor hormonal and other indicators of their health.

Our 5-week course will cover:


1. Your Body and Your Health
• Learn basic female anatomy and physiology, and the role of hormones in a healthy body.

2. Charting Health and Hormones
• Know what a healthy cycle looks like and what is normal for your age.
• Chart your hormonal activity by observing and charting different biomarkers.
• Charting helps us manage our own health.

3. Puberty and Your Healthy Cycle
• Understand the changes of puberty.
• Learn to identify a healthy cycle.

4. Female & Male: The Beginning of Life
Understand and respect others and make good choices regarding relationships.
• The basics of male reproductive anatomy & physiology.
• How a new life is created.
• Hormones and attraction.

5. Brain, Emotions & Lifestyle and Healthy Habits for a Healthy Body
• Understand how hormones impact our emotions and how to handle these new feelings.
• Hormones also influence our brains and emotions.
• Healthy habits are important for a healthy body and healthy body image.
• Healthy habits can impact development in puberty.
• A healthy lifestyle supports your hormones & development.


Age: 13-18 years old
Duration: 45 mins per session
Number of Sessions: 5
Sessions: Every Wednesday (except June 6)
May 19 • May 26 • June 2 • Break • June 16 • June 23



The event is finished.

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