Clare’s Story: Managing Cycle Symptoms

Published on February 29, 2016

We want to share with you Clare’s story, one of our friends who wanted to take charge of her health and who wanted to go back to do what she liked.

Hello my name is Clare.

I, I guess for like a couple of years had just been sort of getting increasingly sick: very low energy, my social life kind of slowed, and I had migraines that were interfering with my life.

I was seeing everyone, I was spending all my money on different doctors – none of it was working. Finally I met with the FEMM doctor. They gave me hope. I had my first workup within 24 hours – basically had my prescription made. I would say within a month I was able to make plans and keep them. I wanted to be out and doing things again and being active. I remember walking in the back field at my parent’s home and I jumped over and I was like: “Oh my god, I can jump over a fence again!” And I knew right away: I’m back.


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