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The provider on the other side of the screen: Q&A with FEMM telehealth provider Julie Baltz, MHS, PA-C

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Finding the Right Women’s Health Specialist

FEMM Telehealth Provider Q&A with Julie Baltz, MHS, PA-C

What’s your background?

JB: I’ve been a physician assistant in primary care since 1997 in Gulf Breeze, Florida. I graduated from the University of South Alabama Physician Assistant program.

My husband, Tom, and I have been blessed with eight children, though not without losses—the causes of which were never able to be explained. This kind of loss is traumatic and frustrating for families. My training in the PA program did not prepare me to address these issues, and I sought out extra education from the leading academic centers on health and fertility awareness-based methods.

How did you become a medical provider with FEMM?

JB: It wasn’t until I took FEMM’s Medical Masterclass that I started seeing real improvements in my patients. I am able to use the protocols I learned from FEMM in my primary care practice with great success.

Learn more about becoming a FEMM Certified Medical Provider.

And FEMM telehealth?

JB: I joined FEMM’s telehealth platform as a natural next step after using this knowledge and the medical protocols successfully. We can reach greater distances over telehealth, plant more seeds, improve more lives. I can currently see and treat people in Florida, Ohio, Colorado, Louisiana, and Tennessee.

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What do you find most rewarding about being a FEMM provider? 

JB: Hearing a woman tell me of the improvements in her health, how much better she feels, and then hearing her say, “You helped my sister, too” . . . that’s a win-win!

The improvements seen in both mother and daughter are so rewarding for me. It’s common when I meet someone new to hear her say, “My daughter is so much healthier because of your advice, I thought I’d see what you think.”

It’s also rewarding to see a couple understand their fertility once they start charting on FEMM. That knowledge can never be taken from them, and it’s so cost-effective!

Contact Julie Baltz, PA-C.

What need does FEMM fill in women’s health?

JB: FEMM improves the lives of both men and women by identifying medical issues that might have previously been elusive or ignored and then by treating them. And that improves quality of life, not just for that individual, but for the entire family.

What would you say to a woman considering using FEMM? 

JB: Every woman deserves to understand her body so she can make informed decisions about her future and her future health. If a woman isn’t seeing signs of ovulation every month, she may have an underlying medical condition and would benefit from a FEMM telehealth appointment.

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FEMM Staff Writer, December 2023

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