FEMM expands health choices available to women

May 31, 2019

FEMM statement regarding inaccuracies reported in media

“Reproductive health is the right of every woman,” said Anna Halpine, CEO of FEMM.

“Every woman deserves to know as much about her reproductive health as possible. Education is central to informed choice, and expands the reproductive health choices available to women. FEMM is committed to providing this access and choice.”

“FEMM fills an important gap in working to expand women’s health literacy”, said Dr. Bob Scanlon, FACOG, a practicing OB/GYN in New York State, and advisor to the FEMM Board. “Every woman should know how her body works, and know that ovulation is a sign of health. This information empowers her to manage her health, in order to better achieve her long-term health and fertility goals. FEMM’s science and evidence-based approach, which makes this information accessible to women through its app, is an important contribution to women’s health in this country and around the world.”

Importantly, FEMM’s global network includes health educators, nurse practitioners, family doctors and ObGyns in the United States, as well as in other countries. These medical providers are licensed in the territory they serve, in order to care for the women within their practices.

FEMM is a non-profit organization, and has no commercial interest in buying or selling private data from the app. No data on the FEMM app has ever been shared or sold to third parties.

FEMM’s resources come from private donations, not the pharmaceutical or drug industry.

The FEMM app is available globally, and is used by women around the world. It offers personalized information and data to each woman user, allowing her to understand her own body and health. The FEMM algorithm helps women to understand their own unique health patterns, improving health education and informed choice.

FEMM supports – and is supported by – a growing network of health educators and doctors which is global, and which serves our global user base.

Contact info: femm@femmhealth.orgwww.femmhealth.orgwww.femmhealthapp.org



May 30, 2019

FEMM wishes to correct the record regarding a recent article in the Guardian.

FEMM is a women’s health organization committed to advancing research and medical care, leveraging that information directly to women through technology. Our growing network of health educators and providers in the United States and other countries serves women worldwide. FEMM is inclusive, and believes that we can learn from each other, no matter where we live or work.

Our mission is to provide more choices for women in the management of their health and fertility. FEMM seeks to be a change agent in the field of women’s health, and to partner with all those eager to explore new opportunities with us. Diversity broadens our outlook and increases the possibility of innovation.

FEMM is a non-profit, and our work is funded through independent donors who understand the importance of non-pharma and drug-based research and enterprise in healthcare.

The growing body of research, interest, and technology applications in the areas of women’s health confirms that there is still much to learn. Women are interested in new health care and education options. Our goal is to advance women’s health by providing more options and choices to women worldwide.