Marine Quinjo
Marine Quinjo

Marine Quinjo

Digne les Bains

I’m a french lady, passionated by women health and hormonals troubles specificly.
I’ve been following many classes about functional nutrition and naturopathy to get solutions for the concerning women.
Also, It’s been 5 years than i’m using Symptotherm.TM method as a contraception and today I’m looking for a certification to complete my professionnals offers and skills.
I heard about FEMM throught an other spanish girl and this method has the “spirit” of what I’m looking for: not only supporting fertility but health in general.
Beside the functional naturopathy, I’m providing workshops with mothers&daughters about “what to know before the first period time”. This workshop goal is to offer an education to the young girls (9 to 12) about their menstrual cycle, bleedings, mucus, periodics protections and anatomy. All of that in a funny ambiance!
I’m also providing workshop for ladies.

See you soon.

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