Stajić Marija
Marija Stajić

Marija Stajić

Language: Serbian
Languages: Serbian

Marija Stajić has an MA in English Language and Literature and more than 15 years of experience in translating and interpreting in the English–Serbian language pair. She loves books, crochet, nature, hiking and rock climbing, and the “peak” of her climbing career was Mont Blanc, France. After struggling with fertility for 8 years, and conceiving naturally after several failed IUIs and IVFs, her interest in women’s health grew, especially when she discovered FABMs, and FEMM in particular.
Marija’s passion for fertility awareness is rooted in her desire to help women learn about their body and reproductive health, as well as get to the bottom of underlying issues preventing them from conceiving and becoming mothers. Reproductive health is best preserved if taken care of from puberty, which is why Marija feels strongly about working with teens and helping them learn how to nurture their fertility. She is enthusiastic about educating women on the importance of menstrual health, nutrition and a healthy, balanced lifestyle for their overall health and well-being.

She launched the first website in Serbia about fertility awareness and women’s reproductive health:

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