Kenzie Radigan
Kenzie Radigan

Kenzie Radigan

Language: English
United States
Languages: English

Kenzie is a natural born teacher and a lifelong learner. With a Master’s degree in Education and years of unique teaching experiences, she integrates her background in education and yoga with her knowledge and studies in Menstrual Cycle Education, Fertility Awareness Based Education and Cycle Syncing. Kenzie has been helping those who menstruate connect with their cycles on a deeper level through yoga, mindfulness and Fertility Education. She is a certified FEMM teacher which qualifies her to teach those who menstruate the science of their bodies, and to understand and manage their health and fertility. Her mission is to help womb-owners love their cycles and trust their bodies! Follow her on Instagram: @zenwithkenz to learn more about the programs she offers.

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