Cecilie wittnebel
Cecilie Wittnebel

Cecilie Wittnebel

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Odense M,
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I’m Cecilie and I teach women, and people who bleed, how to chart their cycles to gain a better understanding of their bodies, hormones and fertility. I believe everyone should know how their bodies and unique cycles work, so they can feel empowered to make informed decisions about their health. This is only possible if the information and knowledge is available in the first place, which is where I come into the picture.
There are many ways to manage your cyclical health and fertility! The option I provide is a hormone-free and natural method that you can use to chart for health, to avoid or achieve pregnancy.
It all starts with tracking and charting your cycle.

I teach the FEMM method in English, or in Danish. Currently I am also training to become a Cycle Coach with Claire Baker – diving deep into menstrual cycle awareness.
Contact me @cycleswithc on Instagram or check out my website www.cycleswithc.com

Look forward to connecting!

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