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Usefulness of Monitoring Fertility from Menarche [Journal of Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology, 19(3), 173–179]

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By: Vigil, P., Ceric, F., Cortés, M. E., & Klaus, H. (2006)



The concept of the ovarian cycle as a continuum considers that all types of ovarian activity encountered during the reproductive life are responses to different environmental conditions in order to ensure the health of the woman. During the normal ovulatory cycle, a series of sequential events have to occur in a highly synchronized manner. Fertility awareness is useful in helping women to identify the different stages of their reproductive life cycle. Fertility awareness is also a valuable tool in helping women to identify gynecological disorders. Persistence of irregularities within the mucus patterns and the menstrual cycle should be of concern to women presenting with these problems. These irregularities may be due to obstetrical, endocrine, gynecological or iatrogenic disorders. Insight into early pregnancy complications, ovulatory dysfunction and pelvic inflammatory disease can be ascertained from abnormalities within the menstrual cycle and mucus pattern. Thus, fertility awareness will also enable the recognition and early treatment of several metabolic, endocrine and infectious diseases.


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